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About the company

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Interautomatika AG was founded in Moscow in 1993, with its founders and shareholders being Siemens, All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute and Technopromexport.

Interautomatika AG has representative offices in Yekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Kiev (UA), and its wide geography of projects speaks volumes for its spotless reputation: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia.

In 1997, the company implemented a quality management system in line with ISO 9001.

The company’s activities cover all functions of I&C system engineering, including design and commissioning of I&C functions, as well as functions of I&C system EPC contractor.

Interautomatika offers the whole range of “turn-key” services related to Power Plant automation.

This includes:

  • Automation advisory activity
  • I&C functions definition based on know-how of power plant technology automation
  • I&C engineering
  • Factory testing
  • Supply of whole range of I&C equipment
  • I&C system installation and commissioning
  • I&C system trial run
  • Training of customer’s staff, including both preliminary training at the stage of design, and on-site training at the stage of commissioning
  • Development and implementation of computer based training simulators
  • Warranty and after sales services

Products offered by Interautomatika AG include:

  • I&C systems for thermal mechanical and electrotechnical equipment with integration of relay protection and automatic equipment in accordance with IEC 61850
  • Development of the entire range of I&C functions for large power generating units of different types
  • Distributed I&C systems with integration of local PLC supplied by various manufacturers
  • Development and implementation of I&C projects at all stages, including field equipment design, erection and commissioning
  • Design of complex systems for power plant load control, including secondary load control, with due regard for technical restrictions, emergency control, automatic distribution of the given load between units.

The company has completed more than 120 projects, with the total installed power exceeding 28,000 MW.

Interautomatika AG continuously improves its sulutions range. In particular, it has developed and implemented solutions that involve power generating units in frequency and load control, and has also created electronic control systems for various types of turbines.

The company continuously evolves, exceeding the expectations of its customers and the capabilities of its competitors! Interautomatika AG – the art to control power!

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