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INTERAUTOMATIKA offers a complete range of services connected with the tasks we are facing in the field of automation of the energy equipment. The range of ser- vices is increasingly widening. We are guided by the market requirements and by the working cumulative experience while engineering and commissioning the I&C systems for power plants.

We offer:

  • Turnkey I&C development and installation
  • Consultations and solutions (both hardware and software) for automation of technological processes
  • Development of requirements specifications for I&C system, software and algorithms
  • I&C system engineering
  • I&C equipment factory tests
  • I&C and field equipment delivery
  • I&C erection and commissioning
  • Testing and putting into operation
  • Customer staff training
  • Development and installation of computer simulators for operational staff
  • Guarantee and after-sales service

We pay special attention to the technical requirements and specifications we get from other companies, as well as to the factory tests and on site commissioning.

All steps of works are automated. We use CAD programs and standard solutions for power plant automation basing on the SIEMENS I&C equipment.

To extend our automated process control systems we are ready to offer systems of all-station thermal and electrical load control, optimization of equipment load according to technical restrictions, equipment characteristics, etc. In addition INTERAUTOMATIKA offers I&C integration to MES and ERP systems which allow to the customer to solve various economical and diagnostic tasks, maintenance planning, energy consumption and generation optimization and other tasks of production activity management.

Working in cooperation with us you will get complete solutions on unified technical and technological platforms.

We are giving you several options to meet your demands but you are to choose the best for you!

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